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    The Last Word
    Digital. Content. Branding. Storytelling. Photography. Design.

    About Us

    What do we do?

    We make sense of the chaos.
    We make change our choice.
    Borella. Dehiwala. Kotahena. Moratuwa. Rajagiriya.

    Because content is the one currency that truly matters in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

    We believe in the power of content. Fresh, topical and useful content makes your customers engaged, converting them into loyal brand devotees. And devotees need stories – not mere advertising – more than ever.


    That is where we come in.


    We are an experienced team of branding, marketing communications and content creation professionals. Our focus is to help your brands become avenues for great content that customers will love, share and remember.


    Learn more about our team.


    What we offer you

    Content Creation

    Branded or brand-able content told through rich multimedia storytelling.

    Brand Design and Development

    Establishing the framework of a brand to help it connect with customers in a highly engaging manner.

    Web/App Development

    Creating a brand’s central online presence so that customers can connect at every moment, on every screen.

    Social Media Planning

    What to say, when to say it, how to say it and where to say it on social media channels.

    Meet the team

    The minds behind the scene

    Harith Gunewardene
    CEO + Digital Shaman

    Creative royalty, social media magician and devoted foodie, Harith has spent his adult life opening doors so everyone can enjoy the view from outside the box. His passion for his work and his inability to be malicious makes him the iron fist in the velvet glove at The Last Word. Hard work and pure genius are his daily bread. He also likes to party.

    Joys Chokatte
    Director + Journeyman

    A caffeine dependent life form, Joys has a love for all things creative. From the written word to symbolic icons, photographs to moving films through to just a simple idea or thought – he loves to be a part of it all. His background stems in marketing and business management and help make sense of all our business noise. Who he is can be seen in his street photography, fashion identity and his constantly evolving tattoo collection.

    Daran Kandasamy
    Chief Creative Officer + Design Jockey

    Daran Kandasamy is a veteran advertising and corporate communications creative who brings a distinct visual identity to his work. Even though he is primarily a photographer and art director, Daran’s passion for, and deep understanding of, web and mobile technology gives him a unique insight into what makes content work in the online world. He is a traveller, suffering a permanent case of wanderlust hangover.

    Theena Kumaragurunathan
    Editor-in-Chief + Grand Scribe

    Award-winning author of First Utterance, Book I of the Miragian Cycles, Theena is an experienced marketing communications, corporate communications and content creation professional. The written word is the closest he will ever get to having a superpower, but film was the gateway drug that made him want to create. Usually found watching cricket or tennis.


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    The Last Word (Pvt) Ltd.
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    Nawala, Sri Lanka.